Business Mentoring eBooks

business mentoring

Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works by Rene D. Petrin

This eBook serves as a short primer for those considering implementing a business mentoring program. It covers the basics, like the difference between mentoring and coaching; it identifies the different types of mentoring models to consider; and it discusses the many benefits of business mentoring.


Executive Mentoring 101 by Rene D. Petrinexecutive mentoring

This workbook serves as a go-to resource for executive mentors. You'll find insights into executive mentoring core competencies and relationship competencies, details about the executive mentor's role, and common challenges facing executive mentors (and how to overcome them).


Group Mentoring Manual for Mentors by Rene D. Petringroup mentoring

This workbook serves as a go-to resource for mentors who are in charge of managing and leading a group of mentorees. Topics include the difference between one-to-one and group mentoring, the role of the mentor, tips and techniques for managing the group, and insights on group dynamics.


Creating a Successful Mentoring Relationship: Training, Tips, & Tricks by Rene D. Petrinmentoring tips

This workbook provides a thorough review of these important basics -- these building blocks -- including the definition of mentoring, the key players in a mentoring relationship, how to build a solid foundation, different dynamics that will affect the relationship, communication styles, and tips for communicating more effectively.