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Program Manager, Mentoree & Mentor Training

Effective mentoring programs don’t just “happen,” and neither does being an effective mentor, mentoree, or program manager. In order to be successful, you need to understand basic mentoring principles, know how to communicate, and learn what goes into building a solid mentoring relationship. That’s where we can help.

Note: All courses must be completed within 30 days.

Online Mentoring Classes

Online Mentoring Training - for only $89!
Our e-learning course, "Maximizing Success: Creating Effective Mentoring Relationships," provides the mentoring training that mentors, mentorees, and program managers need-with the click of a mouse. Available 24/7 and chock full of useful information, exercises, and quizzes that ensure comprehension, Maximizing Success is the perfect complement to any mentoring program. Only $89 per student. Learn more on Mentoring University.  

Online Certification for Mentoring Program Managers - for only $199
This online course provides a "Level 1" certification for Mentoring Program Managers (MPM) and is a good option for companies that can't partake in the full, on-site certification. Only $199 per student. Learn more on Mentoring University.

Online Mentoring Training for Group Mentors - for only $189
Our e-learning course Group Mentoring for Mentors teaches the ins and outs of mentoring a group of mentorees rather than just an individual. Learn how to manage different personalities, keep enthusiasm up, and measure success. Only $189 per student. Learn more on Mentoring University.

Online Training for Executive Mentors - for only $225
Executive mentoring, as you can imagine, requires additional training and insight—especially for the executive mentor. We've created an e-learning course that will help the executive mentor understand their role, how to mentor high-potential employees, how to facilitate instead of manage (a common pitfall), and how to transform instead of clone. Learn more on Mentoring University.