Our eMentoring Software Gets Results – Just Ask Our Clients

We know from research that those who are mentored are more likely to be promoted faster, receive higher salary increases, and remain longer at a company. One of our clients used mentoring and had 100% retention of mentorees over a two-year period. Employee mentoring works when it’s implemented properly and clearly understood.

Here are some more ways our clients have benefited from our online mentoring solution.

  • A pharmaceutical client used mentoring for new employees who have been with the company for a year as a way of accelerating their development and being ready for a junior management position.
  • A banking client used mentoring to promote honest dialogue about diversity by pairing African-American mentorees with majority mentors. This proved a powerful method of challenging people’s perceptions and in leading to real change. It’s one thing to go through diversity training and quite another to actually engage in a relationship with a diverse person through mentoring.
  • A non-profit client used mentoring to access the wealth of knowledge and experience of mentors who were retiring.
  • A financial client used mentoring as part of succession planning to prepare mentorees to take over sales territory in a foreign country. This process helped ease the mentorees' transition into a new culture and to more quickly acclimate themselves to doing the things that would lead to success.

Remember, mentoring is a very powerful and flexible concept, one that we can easily adapt to your organization’s specific needs. Learn more about MentoringComplete or read some in-depth mentoring program case studies.

some of our clients