Why Choose MentoringComplete? Because It Works.

What distinguishes MentoringComplete from other software is its focus on developing powerful, transformational relationships. Through this transformational relationship, a mentoree gains not only valuable knowledge and skills from a mentor, but also increased self-confidence in his or her ability to perform better and to grow with the company.

However, it’s not only the mentoree who is impacted. Mentors also report being significantly changed through the mentoring experience. Helping a mentoree helps the mentor be a better guide to his or her own employees. Mentoring someone also opens new networks and strategic alliances. In other words, mentoring benefits both partners in the relationship.

Other systems, despite being labeled “mentoring,” tend to focus on short-term relationships that are more like coaching rather than mentoring. Coaching, of course, is a valuable intervention, but it's not the same as mentoring. The main difference? Coaching is not transformational. Our philosophy is to support the creation of meaningful, long-term relationships that go beyond coaching and that lead to an employee’s transformation.