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Maximizing Mentoring Success - only $89

  • Perfect for individuals in companies engaged in mentoring programs
  • Managers who want to expand their mentoring skills
  • People who are seeking mentoring relationships
  • College students and grads who are looking for that extra "edge" in today's competitive work environment
  • Associations (like Chambers of Commerce) that want to offer its members added value to membership

Program Manager Certification - only $199

  • Learn the differences between mentoring and coaching
  • The Mentoring Program manager's role
  • How to design business mentoring programs
  • How to implement mentoring within an organization
  • How to match mentors and mentees
  • The most common challenges faced in mentoring programs and mentoring relationships and how to meet these challenges effectively
  • Plus so much more!
I am going to recommend this course to everyone who seeks to develop a business or teaches others how to be successful in business.
— Nick Baggett, Force Tactical Solutions International

Group Mentoring for Mentors - only $199!

  • Learn the differences between 1-on-1 and Group Mentoring
  • What Mentors do and What Mentorees do
  • Role of the Mentoring Group Leader (MGL)
  • Mentoring Group Process
  • Mentoring Group Outcomes
  • Mentoring Group Status Roles
  • Emotional Issues in Mentoring Groups
  • Communication Patterns in Mentoring Groups

Executive Mentoring 101 - only $225!

  • Mentor and nurture the next generation of thought leaders within their organization
  • Share their knowledge with up-and-coming leaders
  • Ensure an effective succession planning strategy

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Business Mentoring eBooks

Mentoring: A Business Strategy That Works by Rene D. Petrin

This eBook serves as a short primer for those considering implementing a business mentoring program. It covers the basics, like the difference between mentoring and coaching; it identifies the different types of mentoring models to consider; and it discusses the many benefits of business mentoring.

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Executive Mentoring 101 by Rene D. Petrin

This workbook serves as a go-to resource for executive mentors. You'll find insights into executive mentoring core competencies and relationship competencies, details about the executive mentor's role, and common challenges facing executive mentors (and how to overcome them).

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Group Mentoring Manual for Mentors by Rene D. Petrin

This workbook serves as a go-to resource for mentors who are in charge of managing and leading a group of mentees. Topics include the difference between one-to-one and group mentoring, the role of the mentor, tips and techniques for managing the group, and insights on group dynamics.

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Creating a Successful Mentoring Relationship: Training, Tips, & Tricks by Rene D. Petrin

This workbook provides a thorough review of these important basics -- these building blocks -- including the definition of mentoring, the key players in a mentoring relationship, how to build a solid foundation, different dynamics that will affect the relationship, communication styles, and tips for communicating more effectively.

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