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Use advanced algorithms to match a Mentee with a Mentor.

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Our Precision Matching Tool as a Stand-Alone Module

Depending on the size of your mentoring program or your organization (or both), a full-blown mentoring software suite may be out of reach due to budget restraints. Maybe you are still in the initial stages of designing your program and aren’t ready to implement a management software.

A smaller program or a smaller budget shouldn't mean that program participants have to go without the amazing benefits that our mentoring technology offers.

That's why we're thrilled to offer the most popular feature of MentoringComplete – the precision matching tool – as a stand-alone product.



Quality Matches Make for Effective Mentoring

Making a good match in mentoring is the most critical component to success. We've been in the business of successfully matching mentors and mentees for over 25 years, achieving, on average, a 90% success rate.

This history of success led to our developing our precision matching component in MentoringComplete. Our tool asks critical questions in five key sections and uses our proprietary algorithm to calculate what would make a good match.



Our Robust and Intuitive Matching Process

  • Provides an objective approach to assessing a good match
  • Uses focus areas to pair mentoring expertise with the mentoree's specific needs for development
  • Determines what roles mentors prefer in order to match a mentor's style to a mentoree's preferences
  • Allows the Mentoring Program Manager to weigh certain components that are most important to them in matching
  • Gives the Mentoring Program Manager the ability to use filters to fine tune matches (for Auto-Matching or 3-Step Matching)
  • Allows the Mentoring Program Manager the ability to edit matches based upon information gathered that would influence a good match
  • Provides an efficient, time saving, quality matching process with a proven history of success