Knowledge Transfer Just Got Easier

You have all the talent you need in your organization (yes, really!). You just need to leverage it and make sure everyone can tap into it. That’s where Anytime Mentoring comes in.

Anytime Mentoring is our knowledge transfer solution. Users can mentor or be mentored, coach or be coached, ask questions, find answers, and take part in groups. Does your employee Mike Jones need help learning the ins and outs of, say, Excel? He can go to Anytime Mentoring, search on “proficient in Excel,” and reach out to Mary Smith for her expertise and guidance. Done. It’s as easy as that.

Use it in conjunction with MentoringComplete, or opt to use it as a standalone product. The choice is yours!

features   Anytime Mentoring Features
  • Web-based software (all you need is an Internet connection)
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Easy-to-create projects or tasks
  • Searchable profiles and skill sets
  • Resource directories
  • Built-in Q&A functionality (post a question to anyone in the system)
  • Easy-to-create groups
  • Tech support
 benefits   Anytime Mentoring Benefits
  • Creates a more connected organization since it works for all environments, such as virtual organizations or organizations spread out over multiple branches, states, or countries
  • Cuts down on recruitment costs – why recruit new talent when you already have it?
  • Instills loyalty among employees
  • Accessible anywhere there’s an Internet connection—at home, in the office, on the go
  • Helps reduce errors and improve sales and customer service, since people will be sharing expertise and knowledge across all levels of the organization.
  • Creates a culture of “continuous improvement”