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Who says "'comprehensive" needs to be "overwhelming"? Certainly not us. We understand that mentoring is a "people process," which is why we designed comprehensive online mentoring software. Program managers love how simple it is to match mentors and mentees and monitor activity. Program participants love how easy it is to upload information and access helpful learnings. And everyone loves the many benefits that naturally result from having a successful mentoring program.


Sleek and Straightforward User Interface

  • Straightforward navigation with intuitive role-based design
  • Quick program set-up for new programs
  • Swift transfer of existing programs
  • Cloud-based for fast implementation and scalability
  • Great for managed, group, self-directed, or hybrid programs
  • Easy onboarding of mentors and mentees
  • Mobile friendly (complete with its own app!)
  • Customizable user profiles

Matchmaker, Matchmaker – Make Me a Match

  • Proprietary algorithm makes better matches
  • Online mentor/mentee intake designed to combine human touch with power of artificial intelligence
  • System matching includes two flavors: auto matching & 3-step matching
  • Manual matching available as well
  • 90% success rate with manual and 3-step matching

Boost Program Recruitment, Measure Success

  • Recruitment tool helps you get the word out about your program
  • Keyword search makes it easy to put your fingers on whatever you need
  • Advanced reporting helps monitor progress and measure success
  • Can easily serve a complex multi-level, multi-national enterprise with scores of subsidiaries and division – or icon-check an initial pilot program
  • Add-on capabilities are available such as Anytime Mentoring and Mentoring University


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